Presentation: Go - A Key Language in Enterprise Application Development?

Track: 21st Century Languages

Location: Pacific DEKJ

Duration: 2:55pm - 3:45pm

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Level: Intermediate

Persona: Architect, Backend Developer, Developer

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Go’s popularity in the last few years is hard to miss. It has jumped up in the Tiobe index and is holding steady.  The language has had a significant impact on the startup scene due to its simplicity, speed and enabling productivity in engineering teams. Large companies are starting to take notice. We also see a huge amount of community involvement in Go. If you have lived through the growth of Java in the late 90’s, this feels a bit like `déjà vu.’  In this talk, I will go over the Go language design and talk about why Go matters in the age of multicores and cloud-native computing.

Speaker: Aarti Parikh

Engineering Manager @PayPal

Aarti Parikh is a software engineering manager with a decade of experience building teams and products for the Internet, IoT and now Fintech. In her last project, she managed the wholesale rewrite of several C services to Go, which greatly reduced bugs and increased developer velocity.

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