Presentation: WebAssembly: Neither Web Nor Assembly, But Revolutionary

Track: 21st Century Languages

Location: Pacific DEKJ

Duration: 10:35am - 11:25am

Day of week:

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Level: Intermediate

Persona: Backend Developer, Developer, Front-end Developer


A revolution has begun. WebAssembly is a new, efficient and safe bytecode designed and maintained by most of the major players in tech: Google, Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, Intel, LG, and many others. This unprecedented collaboration to standardize a new, cross-platform instruction set has opened the door to a future where any language can efficiently target the web—but it’s not actually just for the web! WebAssembly is so revolutionary it’s already being used outside of the web, even being integrated into operating systems, running on servers, powering blockchain compute platforms, and more.

In this talk learn what WebAssembly is and what it isn’t, while discussing the design decisions and compromises made to meet these goals.

Speaker: Jay Phelps

Chief Software Architect @ThisDotMedia

Reactive programming nut and compiler enthusiast. Jay is the Chief Software Architect and Co-founder at This Dot, where they provide support, training, mentoring, and software design. Previously a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix. Lover of all things open source, his contributions span numerous ecosystems and active in the community as a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies and W3C WebAssembly Community Group member.

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