Speaker: Ben Rockwood

VP, Production Engineering @packethost

Ben Rockwood has been in operations and engineering since the 90's and is passionate about learning from our past to improve our future.  From helping to build one of the first public clouds at Joyent in 2005 to being a leading voice in the DevOps movement in 2009, he's been passionate about the evolution of our industry.  

At Packet he's driving the development of the Bare Metal Cloud with an emphasis on Edge deployments to put computing power in more places than it's ever been before to meet the needs of the next wave of applications.

He lives on Bainbridge Island, near Seattle Washington, with his amazing wife and 5 children.

Find Ben Rockwood at:


DevOps & Lean Thinking Panel

What are the latest trends and processes in DevOps & Lean Thinking? This panel will discuss what areas will enhance your team and platform's performance.


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Practices of DevOps & Lean Thinking




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