Speaker: Julia Nguyen

Community Organizer, Founder of if-me.org, and Senior Software Engineer @Mailchimp

Julia Nguyen is a community organizer, writer, keynote speaker, and senior software engineer. Julia is the founder of if-me.org, a free and open source mental health communication app. She created Southeast Asian Ladies in Tech. She is a speaker for Prompt, now part of Open Sourcing Mental Illness. She helped organize Write/Speak/Code San Francisco and the University of Waterloo Women in Computer Science. She currently works at Mailchimp.

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Impact Starts With You

Wanting to make a positive impact on others is what makes us human. Like everything in the tech industry, social and ethical impact has become a commodity. We burn ourselves out for the causes we believe in. Our organizations struggle to practice what they preach. In the five years I’ve created and maintained if-me.org, a free and open source mental health communication app, my biggest takeaway is the power of self-love. I’ll delve into what we do at if-me.org to keep ourselves accountable as an inclusive and beginner-friendly open source community. This accountability has taught me that the impact we have on ourselves is just as powerful as the impact we have on others.


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Socially Conscious Software


Socially Conscious Software


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