Speaker: Tobias Kunze

Co-founder and CEO @glasnostic

As CEO of Glasnostic, Tobias Kunze is on a mission to help enterprises manage their rapidly evolving microservice architectures. Before co-founding Glasnostic, he was the co-founder of Makara, an enterprise PaaS that became Red Hat OpenShift. Before that, he ran development and operations for Lycos Europe's shopping arm and held various other engineering positions at startups and enterprises alike.

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Controlled Chaos: Taming Organic, Federated Growth of Microservices

The success with which enterprises execute on microservice strategies and the degree to which cloud-native technologies boost developer productivity leave operations and security teams with an organically growing landscape of federated services that is increasingly difficult to control. As a result, failures mount, resilience declines, and innovation dies.

In this talk, I focus on the challenges that result from organic, federated growth as well as the patterns that can be applied to monitor and control these dynamic systems, like bulkheads, backpressure, and quarantines, from both an operational and security perspective. I illustrate how visibility and control of the surrounding environment become more important than the observability of individual threads of execution and how the nature of this organic architectural style necessitates a shift to remediating behaviors in real-time.


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