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Zero to Production in Five Months @ ThirdLove

At ThirdLove, we believe that every woman should be comfortable and confident every day. For half of the world’s population that means a bra whose straps stay put, their cup mold to their shape and is the perfect style for the occasion. In this talk, we will discuss how we built our first...

Megan Cartwright Head of Data Science @ThirdLove
Building a Voice Assistant for Enterprise

Einstein Assistant is an AI Voice assistant for enterprises that enables users to "Talk to Salesforce". Users can dictate memos, update Salesforce records and create tasks using natural language. Einstein Assistant pioneers the use of Voice and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enhance the...

Manju Vijayakumar Lead Software Engineer @salesforce
Modern CS Open Space

Category Theory for the Working Hacker

The talk will explain why category theory is of interest for developers. The principle of Propositions as Types describes a correspondence between, on the one hand, propositions and proofs in logic, and, on the other, types and programs in computing. And, on the third hand, we have category...

Philip Wadler Haskell, Type Theory, & Functional Programming Theory Contributor
Abstractions to Help Developers Write Good Crypto

More developers are writing cryptographic code, especially in regulated sectors like health care and financial services, but the code suffers from a combination of poor programming interfaces and a lack of developer training. In one study, 83% of cryptographic flaws (CVEs) were due to programmer...

Isaac Potoczny-Jones Founder @Tozny & Authentication and Privacy Specialist
Logic-Based Automated Reasoning

Developing efficient and scalable software analysis tools is a tedious and very difficult task. First, due to the undecidability of the verification problem, tools, must be highly tuned and engineered to provide reasonable efficiency and precision trade-offs. Second, different programming...

Temesghen Kahsai Software Engineer, previously Research Scientist @NASAAmes


Philip Wadler Haskell, Type Theory, & Functional Programming Theory Contributor

Category Theory for the Working Hacker

What do you do day-to-day?

I work in functional programming and trying to put that in a place where other people can use it.

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Isaac Potoczny-Jones Founder @Tozny & Authentication and Privacy Specialist

Abstractions to Help Developers Write Good Crypto

Tell us about what you are doing.

Tozny is a cryptography company that builds software tools for computer programmers. Just as cryptography is difficult for end users, cryptography software tools for developers are quite challenging too. Our focus is to make those tools easier to use for developers.

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Nathan Sobo Founding Member of the Atom Editor Team @GitHub

Real-Time Collaborative Editing with CRDTs

What role do you have at Github?

I work on the text editor for almost the last six years. And it's sort of a mix on a given day. A lot of my days are spent trying to improve the performance of the system. Reading javascript is a lot of it; some good days of writing C++. I really enjoy that. And yet looking at her request from the team members members of the community...

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Justin Basilico Machine Learning Research/Engineering Director @Netflix

Artwork Personalization @Netflix

What work do you do at Netflix?

I lead one of the Machine Learning and Recommendation teams at Netflix. We're responsible for the end-to-end machine learning that decides what shows up on the Netflix homepage across all our different experiences. When you log into Netflix, my team is responsible for what rows of TV shows and movies you see on the homepage. We select...

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Oleksandr Petrov Apache Cassandra Committer, Distributed Systems Engineer

Algorithms Behind Modern Storage Systems

What's the focus of the work that you're doing today?

I can tell you about Apache Cassandra and the patches I was working on recently. In Apache Cassandra, I've been recently working on transaction replication. Before that, I was working on SASI, an implementation of secondary indexes, on the commit log and on various storage and consistency related things. I had a chance to work on...

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