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Reflecting on a Life Watching Movies and a Career in Security

Things change, and people and industries adapt. Individuals and businesses that can spot the trends and adjust quickly are likely to be more successful. With this as an underlying thesis, we'll talk about some trends in the movie industry that relate well to similar changes in technology and...

Jason Chan VP Information Security @Netflix
Mind Your State for Your State of Mind

Applications have had an interesting evolution as they have moved into the distributed and scalable world. Similarly, storage and its cousin databases have changed side by side with applications. Many times, the semantics, performance, and failure models of storage and applications do a subtle...

Pat Helland Software Architect @Salesforce
Secrets at Planet-Scale: Engineering the Internal Google KMS

We propose to discuss Google’s internal key management system for cryptographic key material which is a critical part of Google's overall strategy for user data protection. The talk will cover the design choices and strategies that Google chose in order to build a highly reliable,...

Anvita Pandit Software Developer @Google
Evolutionary Architecture as Product @ CircleCI

Organizations continually evolve their technical architectures in order to adjust to the changing needs of their business.  For example: systems must scale with increasing customer demand, tools must create efficiency in growing teams, and implementations are generalized to support...

Robert Zuber CTO @CircleCI


Robert Zuber CTO @CircleCI

Evolutionary Architecture as Product @ CircleCI

What are your goals for the talk?

The goal of the talk is to impress upon people the relationship between their industry and the product they're offering, and the way in which they choose to build their software. As we grow as engineers and leaders, there becomes a stronger connection between the work that we do every day from a technical perspective and the...

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Gunnar Morling Open Source Software Engineer @RedHat

Practical Change Data Streaming Use Cases With Apache Kafka & Debezium

What do you want people to leave the talk with?

Three things, mostly. One touches a bit on the outbox pattern. Friends don't let friends do dual writes. That's one of the points I would like to talk about. The next one, people should get an understanding of what it is in there for them if they would use the change data capture. What are the use cases? How could they benefit...

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