Deep Learning

Past Presentations

AI & Security: Lessons and Challenges

In this talk, I will first present recent results in the area of secure deep learning, in particular, adversarial deep learning---how deep learning systems could be easily fooled and what we need to do to address the issues. I will also talk about how AI and deep learning can help enable new...

Prof. Dawn Song Professor @UCBerkeley, Researching Deep Learning & Security
Building Bots and Conversational AI

People are spending a lot of time on messaging and voice conversational mediums such as Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa, which have opened up for building bots. These bots are allowing services and businesses to connect with users on these conversational interfaces. Conversational bots...

Mitul Tiwari CTO @PassageAI
Michelangelo: Uber’s Machine Learning Platform

Michelangelo is the Machine Learning platform that we have built at Uber. The purpose of Michelangelo is to enable data scientists and engineers (and eventually non-technical users) to easily build, deploy, and operate machine learning solutions at scale. It is designed to be ML-as-a-service,...

Jeremy Hermann ML Platform Team @Uber
Machine Learning for Handwriting and Sketch Recognition

The terms “big data”, “machine learning”, “neural networks”, and “deep learning” have appeared in many attention-grabbing headlines over the years, but what do they really mean? This presentation will describe some concrete examples of how they have impacted a variety of products,...

Li-Lun Wang Software Engineer @Google
Henry Rowley Staff Research Scientist @Google
Training Deep Learning Models at Scale on Kubernetes

Deep Learning has recently become very important for all kinds of AI applications from conversational chatbots to self-driving cars. In this talk, we will talk about how we use deep learning for natural language processing, utilize Tensorflow for training deep learning models, run Tensorflow on...

Deepak Bobbarjung Founding Engineer @PassageAI
Mitul Tiwari CTO @PassageAI

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