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Real-Time Collaborative Editing with CRDTs

Real-time collaborative editing gives users the illusion that they are editing the same document, but in reality, each collaborator makes edits to their own local replica of the document to ensure a low-latency typing experience. Each user's local operations must then be transmitted to remote...

Nathan Sobo Founding Member of the Atom Editor Team @GitHub
Using Technology to Protect Against Online Harassment Panel

As the internet becomes more integrated into our social and professional lives, what are we doing to protect vulnerable populations from harm? This panel will discuss the changes society has seen since the advent of social media and how they're building the next generation of software tools to...

Danielle Leong Engineering Manager on GitHub's Community and Safety Team
Leigh Honeywell CEO @tallpoppyio
Sri Ponnada Software Engineer @Microsoft
Kat Fukui Product Designer @github


Nathan Sobo Founding Member of the Atom Editor Team @GitHub

Real-Time Collaborative Editing with CRDTs

What role do you have at Github?

I work on the text editor for almost the last six years. And it's sort of a mix on a given day. A lot of my days are spent trying to improve the performance of the system. Reading javascript is a lot of it; some good days of writing C++. I really enjoy that. And yet looking at her request from the team members members of the community...

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