Practical Change Data Streaming Use Cases With Apache Kafka & Debezium

Debezium (noun | de·be·zi·um | /dɪ:ˈbɪ:ziːəm/) - Secret Sauce for Change Data CaptureApache Kafka is a highly popular option for asynchronous event propagation between microservices. Things get challenging though when adding a service’s database to the picture: How...

Gunnar Morling Open Source Software Engineer @RedHat
Kafka Needs No Keeper

We have been served well by Zookeeper over the years, but it is time for Kafka to stand on its own. This is a talk on the ongoing effort to replace the use of Zookeeper in Kafka: why we want to do it and how it will work. We will discuss the limitations we have found and how Kafka benefits both...

Colin McCabe Software Engineer @confluentinc

Past Presentations

ETL is dead; long-live streams

What happens if you take everything that is happening in your company—every click, every database change, every application log—and make it all available as a real-time stream of well-structured data? I will discuss the experience at LinkedIn and elsewhere moving from batch-oriented ETL to...

Neha Narkhede Co-Creator Apache Kafka/Co-founder and CTO @Confluent

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