Keynote: Mind Your State for Your State of Mind

Location: Grand Ballroom ABC & Simulcast in Garden

Duration: 9:00am - 10:10am

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Applications have had an interesting evolution as they have moved into the distributed and scalable world. Similarly, storage and its cousin databases have changed side by side with applications. Many times, the semantics, performance, and failure models of storage and applications do a subtle dance as they change in support of changing business requirements and environmental challenges.  

Different types of distributed stores offer various average speeds, variation in responsiveness, capacity, availability, and durability. This talk provides a partial taxonomy of diverse storage solutions available over a distributed cluster. Part of this is an exploration of the interactions among different features of a store. The talk then considers how distinct application patterns have grown over time to leverage these stores and the business requirements they meet. It concludes with a set of actionable takeaways.

Speaker: Pat Helland

Software Architect @Salesforce

Pat Helland has been implementing transaction systems, databases, application platforms, distributed systems, fault-tolerant systems, and messaging systems since 1978. For recreation, he occasionally writes technical papers. He currently works at Salesforce.

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