Speaker: Megan Cristina

Chief Privacy Officer @Slack

Megan Cristina is the Chief Privacy Officer at Slack, where over the last three years, she built the privacy and data governance program from the ground up. Megan and her team are responsible for providing privacy and policy guidance to all of Slack, enabling both Slack and Slack’s customers to comply with global privacy laws and regulations. Her experience spans a variety of privacy, policy, trust and safety roles.  Prior to joining Slack, Megan was Director of Trust and Safety at Twitter, and prior to that, Senior Director of Ad Policy, Trust and Safety at Yahoo!. In both of these roles, her teams were responsible for developing, implementing and communicating global policies, as well as ensuring compliance. Her teams were also responsible for advising product teams on features and policies that support business objectives while also creating a safe and trusted experience.

Find Megan Cristina at:

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