Workshop: [SOLD OUT] Starting Out Right - Building the Right Product

Location: Marina

Duration: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Day of week: Thursday

Level: All

Key Takeaways

  • Hands on experience with the following tools using a case study exercise: Vision box, Product hypotheses, Building pragmatic personas, Using Hi-tech anthropology to identify product needs, Building a product roadmap & Building a Story Map


An interest in product development

This whole-day workshop explores what is needed to set up product development for success.  

All too often we fall into what has been called "the build trap" - the desire to get working quickly means teams are off to the races without actually knowing which horse they're riding on and where it it headed.  

This workshop presents a variety of tools and techniques which are available to rapidly align on business value, intended outcomes and coming up with a roadmap for successful product development.  Over the day the participants will gain hands-on experience using the tools on real-world scenarios. 

Topics covered include: 

  • Understanding the product goals, how they align with organisation objectives and measurable outcomes 
  • Crafting the product hypothesis and designing experiments to validate or invalidate it
  • Trade-offs and success sliders; 
  • Value and time, urgency and priority 
  • Anthropology and personas
  • Roadmaps, story maps and backlogs
  • Knowing when to stop

Speaker: Shane Hastie

Director of Agile Learning Programs @ICAgile

Shane leads the Culture and Methods editorial team for where he hosts the weekly InfoQ Culture Podcast. He is the Director of Agile Learning Programs for ICAgile. He has oversight in the strategic direction and expansion of ICAgile’s learning programs, including maintaining and extending ICAgile’s learning objectives, providing thought leadership, collaborating with industry experts, and supporting the larger ICAgile community.

Over the last 30+ years Shane has been a practitioner and leader of developers, testers, trainers, project managers and business analysts, helping teams to deliver results that align with overall business objectives. He has worked with large and small organisations, from individual teams to large transformations all around the world. He draws on over 30 years of practical experience across all levels of Information Technology and software intensive product development. Shane was a director of the Agile Alliance from 2011 to 2016 and is the founding Chair of Agile Alliance New Zealand. “I firmly believe that humanistic way of working and the agile mindset are desperately needed in organisations all around the globe today. Taking agile values and principles beyond software is important and making sure they are properly embedded is absolutely crucial for success – we’re in an industry that touches every aspect of people’s lives and massively influences society as a whole and I want to be a part of making sure that industry is both ethical and sustainable.”

Find Shane Hastie at

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