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Using Technology to Protect Against Online Harassment Panel

As the internet becomes more integrated into our social and professional lives, what are we doing to protect vulnerable populations from harm? This panel will discuss the changes society has seen since the advent of social media and how they're building the next generation of software tools to...

Danielle Leong Engineering Manager on GitHub's Community and Safety Team
Leigh Honeywell CEO @tallpoppyio
Sri Ponnada Software Engineer @Microsoft
Kat Fukui Product Designer @github
Panel: Ethics in Software Engineering

We will explore emerging ethical issues related to software engineering, as well as how they can potentially be addressed. The panelists represent diverse set of perspectives - from professional society to industry to academics.

Ayana Miller Privacy & Data Protection Advisor @Pinterest
Bruce Edward DeBruhl Assistant Professor @CalPoly
Theo Schlossnagle Founder and CEO @Circonus, Editorial board of ACM's ‘Queue’
Megan Cristina Chief Privacy Officer @Slack
Mind the Software Gap: How We Can Operationalize Privacy & Compliance

With legislation like GDPR and CCPA, it has become newly urgent for organizations to understand internal and external data flows. In the push towards compliance, software organizations have been discovering just how difficult it is to maintain an up-to-date picture of data inventory and data...

Jean Yang Founder and CEO @AkitaSoftware
Ethics Landscape

For humankind, ethics is old and computers are new.  Computing fast and fervent ascent to ubiquity didn't allow the field of ethics to maintain pace and society is reaping the foul fruits.  In this talk, I'll give a fly-by survey of the vast and mature field of ethics and...

Theo Schlossnagle Founder and CEO @Circonus, Editorial board of ACM's ‘Queue’


Jean Yang Founder and CEO @AkitaSoftware

Mind the Software Gap: How We Can Operationalize Privacy & Compliance

You were assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon and now you're CEO of a company. What led to that transition?

For the last 10+ years, I'd been going after this problem of how can we build tools to help software teams better understand their software. I had decided that security and privacy was going to be one of the big application domains. The whole time I really tried to keep an eye on what was the best way to make impact building...

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