Team Collaboration


Passion, Grace, & Fire - The Elements of High Performance

Within each of us, there is potential. Our potential is expressed in specific and unique ways depending on our desires, aspirations, and affinities, which then drive the development of specific skills, experience, and work style. Under the right circumstances, with the right tools and support,...

Josh Evans Advisor & Investor, former technical leader @Netflix & @GitHub
High Performing Teams Act Like Owners

Managers often ask engineers to “act like owners” or “show great ownership.” What does this even mean? How can you act on something that isn’t well defined? You’re an engineer, after all. Maybe it’s just code for your manager wanting you to work nights...

Katharina Probst Senior Engineering Leader, Kubernetes & SaaS @Google
Microcultures and Finding Your Place

If you've worked for more than one company in your career, you know that culture can vary from one company to the next. If you move from one team to another team within the same company, you may have observed that different teams within the same company have different cultures. Why is that,...

Mike McGarr Engineering Leader, Frontend Infrastructure @Slack
Building Teams Open Space

Session details to follow.

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