Presentation: Linux Foundation's Project EVE: A Cloud-Native Edge Computing Platform

Track: Living on the Edge: The World of Edge Compute From Device to Infrastructure Edge

Location: Pacific BC

Duration: 11:50am - 12:40pm

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Connecting IoT devices to the Internet is nothing new. Deploying and running real-time cloud-native applications at hyperscale on the mesh fabric of these devices is. Edge Computing evolves Cloud Computing by keeping what's great about the Cloud model (developer friendly APIs and Software-defined everything) yet applying it to the harsh physical and security environments of IoT and IIoT deployments. While IoT is making the world cyber-physical, Edge Computing promises to make it manageable and truly software-defined, thus making familiar cloud-native applications live life on the edge forever unshackled from the confines of a datacenter.  

At the same time, Edge is not yet another datacenter. Its unique requirements make it virtually impossible to take existing software projects that are powering cloud-native infrastructures and apply them to the Edge as-is.  

In this talk we will cover design and implementation of a novel Edge Computing platform created at ZEDEDA Inc. and later used as a founding project for the Linux Foundation's LF Edge initiative. We will focus on this new, special purpose, open source operating environment that aims to run securely on billions of ARM and x86 devices. The name of the project is EVE (Edge Virtualization Engine) and its ambition in life is to become to Edge Computing what Android has become to Mobile computing. We will walk you through the unique challenges that EVE has to tackle and will provide hands-on advice on how it enables the same DevOps-driven, high velocity developer culture that is now ubiquitous in the cloud environments.

Speaker: Roman Shaposhnik

Co-founder, VP Product and Strategy @ZededaEdge & Member Board Of Directors for LF Edge @linuxfoundation

Roman is an open source software expert, currently serving on the board of directors for both The Apache Software Foundation and LF Edge. He is a co-founder and the vice president of product and strategy for ZEDEDA, an edge virtualization startup. Throughout his career, Roman has held technical leadership roles at several iconic companies, including Sun Microsystems, Yahoo!, Cloudera and Pivotal Software. He holds a master's degree in mathematics and computer science from St. Petersburg State University.

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