Presentation: Shifting Left with Cloud Native CI/CD

Track: Software Supply Chain

Location: Bayview AB

Duration: 1:40pm - 2:30pm

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Cloud native can be overwhelming: sometimes it feels like there are new tools, frameworks, operators and patterns announced every day! How do we keep up? And what happens when we get it wrong?  

Shifting left (testing as early as possible) with great CI/CD lets us experiment and catch mistakes early, so we can learn from them and become better engineers. It’s time for our CI/CD tools to get a cloud native upgrade and make all this extra complexity work for us!  

Tekton gives us the building blocks we need to add container based cloud native CI/CD to your software supply chain. In this talk you’ll learn what we should expect from our CI/CD in 2019, and how Tekton is helping bring that to as many tools as possible, such as Jenkins X and Prow. You’ll learn about Tekton itself and see a live demo that shows how cloud native CI/CD can help debug, surface and fix mistakes faster.

Speaker: Christie Wilson

Software Engineer @Google

Christie Wilson (she/her) is a software engineer at Google, currently leading the Tekton project. Over the past decade+ she has worked in the mobile, financial and video game industries. Prior to working at Google she led a team of software developers to build load testing tools for AAA video game titles, and founded the Vancouver chapter of PyLadies. In her spare time she influences company culture through cat pictures.

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