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Abstractions to Help Developers Write Good Crypto

More developers are writing cryptographic code, especially in regulated sectors like health care and financial services, but the code suffers from a combination of poor programming interfaces and a lack of developer training. In one study, 83% of cryptographic flaws (CVEs) were due to programmer...

Isaac Potoczny-Jones Founder @Tozny & Authentication and Privacy Specialist
Am I a Brilliant Jerk?

Netflix’s culture memo famously says, “On a dream team, there are no brilliant jerks. The cost to teamwork is just too high.” Well, what is a brilliant jerk? If the cost to teamwork is high, what are some examples of the cost? This presentation will focus on the jerk part of “brilliant...

Justin Becker Engineering Manager @Netflix
Developing Great Web APIs Architectures w/ ASP.NET Core 2.1

You know you have to have a great experience when you develop your apps, right? The greatest experience for your user's centers around their data. That's why developing a great set of Web APIs is so important. Using ASP.NET Core Web API is a modern cross-platform framework for the...

Christopher Woodruff Platform Strategist @QuickenLoans
Open Source Robotics: Hands on with Gazebo and ROS 2

In large part, the recent advancements in robotics have been made possible by open source tools. Open Robotics, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development, distribution, and adoption of open source software in robotics, supports two main projects — ROS (Robot Operating System) and...

Louise Poubel Software Engineer @OpenRoboticsOrg
Stop Talking & Listen; Practices for Creating Effective Customer SLOs

In this data-driven age we are constantly collecting and analyzing monumental quantities of data. We want to know everything about our product, how our customers use it, how long they use it and more importantly is the product even working? With all this data, we should be able to answer all of...

Cindy Quach Site Reliability Engineer @Google
Architecting a Modern Financial Institution

Ever wonder what it would take to rewrite your local bank? With open source, microservices, functional programming (Clojure, Scala), and continuous delivery, right? That's what Nubank did in Brazil, starting with a modern credit card architecture built from scratch, and continuing on to...

Edward Wible Founder & CTO @Nubank
Rafael Ferreira Senior Software Engineer @Nubank


Isaac Potoczny-Jones Founder @Tozny & Authentication and Privacy Specialist

Abstractions to Help Developers Write Good Crypto

Tell us about what you are doing.

Tozny is a cryptography company that builds software tools for computer programmers. Just as cryptography is difficult for end users, cryptography software tools for developers are quite challenging too. Our focus is to make those tools easier to use for developers.

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Rossen Stoyanchev Spring Framework Committer @Pivotal

Servlet vs Reactive: Choosing the Right Stack

What’s the motivation for this talk?

Spring Framework 5 provides two web stacks. One is a classic, Servlet stack with blocking I/O that most Java enterprise applications use today. The other is a Reactive stack that's built on an event-loop, non-blocking execution model and can handle high concurrency with less hardware resources. The motivation for this talk is to...

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Vallery Lancey Software Developer and Cloud Specialist @Checkfront

Control Theory In Container Orchestration

Are you talking of automation systems control theory?

It's about applying control theory as an existing engineering rather than accidentally reinventing control theory when you're building automation. I'm going to introduce the fundamentals of control theory, the terminology, and I'll step through some increasingly complex cases in orchestration. Starting with something very simple, maybe...

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Gunnar Morling Open Source Software Engineer @RedHat

Practical Change Data Streaming Use Cases With Apache Kafka & Debezium

What do you want people to leave the talk with?

Three things, mostly. One touches a bit on the outbox pattern. Friends don't let friends do dual writes. That's one of the points I would like to talk about. The next one, people should get an understanding of what it is in there for them if they would use the change data capture. What are the use cases? How could they benefit...

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Edward Wible Founder & CTO @Nubank Rafael Ferreira Senior Software Engineer @Nubank

Architecting a Modern Financial Institution

What is the focus of your work today?

I am the co-founder and CTO of Nubank which is a tech company competing with traditional banks. We're based in São Paulo, Brazil and have over 2.5 million customers using our credit card product. We’ve also recently launched a checking/savings/digital payments account to address a much larger market.

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Marius Pirvu Advisory Software Developer @IBM

Performance Beyond Throughput:An OpenJ9 Case Study

What is the focus of your work today?

For the past 14 years I've been working on Java JIT compiler development at IBM. However, I am not your typical compiler guy because I don't focus that much on code generator or optimizer. Instead I deal with heuristics that determine what methods to compile, when to compile them and how much to optimize them. With Java, and any other...

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