Presentation: Continuous Delivery of Microservices

Track: Sponsored Solutions Track II

Location: Marina

Day of week:

Level: Beginner

Persona: Architect, CTO/CIO/Leadership, Developer, DevOps Engineer, General Software, Technical Engineering Manager


This talk serves to be a practical guide for teams endeavoring to design a Continuous Delivery workflow for systems based on microservice architectures.

More and more organizations are moving towards microservice based architectures for their complex systems. Unfortunately organizational behaviors often do not change to properly take advantage of this newer way of thinking.

This talk is based on several years’ of experience architecting, building and deploying microservice based applications at ThoughtWorks.

Some of the things you’ll learn: 1. Practical aspects of designing continuous delivery workflows 2. Recommendations for effective organizational structures to take advantage of these architectures 3. Leveraging modern infrastructure stacks for more effective CD workflows 4. Learn how your system’s architecture contributes towards your success

Speaker: Sheroy Marker

Head Of Technology @ThoughtWorks

I am a seasoned technology leader with extensive experience leading product and application development teams. I am a hands-on technologist with equal expertise in software development and designing effective software delivery and operations infrastructure.

Find Sheroy Marker at

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