Optimizing Yourself: Neurodiversity in Tech

The difference between a programmer and a software engineer is their understanding of soft skills. The problem many of us face is that as members of neurodiverse communities, we must find different ways to build these skills. In this session, Elizabeth will talk about the issues she has...

Elizabeth Schneider Consultant @Microsoft
Six Things I've Learned as a Manager I Wish I Knew Before

I am a software developer with almost 15 years of experience. But I also was an engineering manager for 3+ years. And you know what? While being a manager I've learned some things I wish I knew in the beginning of my career. When you are a developer, it may seem that writing good code...

Georgiy Mogelashvili Lead Developer @bookingcom
Microcultures and Finding Your Place

If you've worked for more than one company in your career, you know that culture can vary from one company to the next. If you move from one team to another team within the same company, you may have observed that different teams within the same company have different cultures. Why is that,...

Mike McGarr Engineering Leader, Frontend Infrastructure @Slack
Optimizing You Panel: Path to Awesomeness

The panelist discuss their own choices and events from personal histories that propelled their careers, improved their circumstances, and generally helped them achieve awesomeness in one or more areas of their lives. Come listen to the group and get inspired on your path as well.

Christie Wilson Software Engineer @Google
Daniel Bryant Independent Technical Consultant
Justin Ryan Playback Edge Engineering @Netflix


Elizabeth Schneider Consultant @Microsoft

Optimizing Yourself: Neurodiversity in Tech

What are your goals for the talk?

My goal is to make it clear that soft skills mater for everyone. Then to share some tips and tricks to help grow your soft skills as an individual that may not see these skills as default.

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