Presentation: Mapping the Evolution of Socio-Technical Systems

Track: Practices of DevOps & Lean Thinking

Location: Seacliff ABC

Duration: 11:50am - 12:40pm

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Is it any accident that devops was born at the same time cloud computing and platform as a service were exploding in popularity? Technology, process, and culture necessarily evolve together. Wouldn’t it be great to anticipate these critical shifts and changes, to be sensitized to the coevolution of technology, process, and culture? That would be a huge advantage!  

Wardley Maps are increasingly becoming a key practice in a lean thinker’s toolbox. The Wardley Mapping practice can be used to examine trends and options in context rather than falling victim to the tempting allure of buzzwords. That’s right, no more making your blockchain AI totally serverless through the digital transformation of modernized hybrid-clouds. This session will use Wardley Maps to examine the evolution of computing and explore potential futures. Attendees will leave ready and excited to start mapping!

Speaker: Cat Swetel

Agile Methods Coach & Advocate for Woman in Tech

Cat Swetel specializes in using Lean techniques to increase the agility and adaptability of large and long-historied technology organizations. Specifically, she has worked with several Fortune 100 companies in highly regulated industries such as financial services and healthcare. Cat has been invited to speak internationally about her pragmatic approach to enabling technology leaders to make better, more timely, data-informed decisions.

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