Presentation: Reflecting on a Life Watching Movies and a Career in Security

Track: Trust, Safety & Security

Location: Pacific DEKJ

Duration: 4:10pm - 5:00pm

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Things change, and people and industries adapt. Individuals and businesses that can spot the trends and adjust quickly are likely to be more successful. With this as an underlying thesis, we'll talk about some trends in the movie industry that relate well to similar changes in technology and security. We'll also run through some tips and lessons learned to help security teams stay ahead as they navigate technical and operational changes.

Speaker: Jason Chan

VP Information Security @Netflix

Jason leads the teams at Netflix responsible for corporate infosec, product and application security, privacy engineering, studio information security, security operations, infrastructure security, detection engineering, threat intelligence, and incident response. Additionally, he leads the Corporate Engineering team which encompasses a number of IT infrastructure, systems, and software engineering functions. Prior to joining Netflix, he led the information security team at VMware. He spent most of his earlier career in security consulting for firms such as @stake and iSEC Partners.

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